My Story

I am an Illustrator and Concept artist.  I have worked  in Feature Film, TV,  and Games.  Most notably, my art treatment has helped define the look of Lucas Animation's Star Wars Detours and LucasArts game Lucidity

In the fourth grade my teacher read us Roald Dahl every afternoon, and our homework assignments were to make picture books. That was when I decided to be an Illustrator and storyteller.  I earned my BFA in Illustration at San Jose State University, and received scholarship awards from the Society of Illustrators.

I'm inspired by nature, and love scones + coffee + tea! In our spare time, my husband and I travel to visit big trees and mountains at national parks. I bake, knit, crochet, and craft in some way or another, which I update on my blog: Cinders & Fog .  You can also follow my art on instagram @andrea.rhodes.ruiz .


Warm Regards,

Andrea Rhodes Ruiz


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