Newt Scamander Hufflepuff Scarf

I went on a search to find the most movie accurate yarn for Newt's Hufflepuff scarf, and here's what I found!

 • Garter stitch on 4.5mm straight needles 

 • Patons Worsted & Denim-y Yarn 


Cast on 40

50 rows of dark grey worsted marled & 34 rows of yellow marled denim-y


*repeat until you have four of each color block (more if you desire a longer scarf).


Add fringe in alternating colors: I use 11 inch strands, 6 strands per tassel (in every other stitch to avoid overcrowding).


I'm going to continue my search since the denim-y yarn is a bit thicker than the worsted and so the result is a bit wobbly in scale.  For some reason it has been a challenge to find basic marled colors! If I do find them I'll be sure to update it here!